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Reducing Risk of Macular Degeneration

  • Do you know someone with Macular Degeneration?
  • Have you seen the devastating effects of blindness due to Macular Degeneration?
  • Have you seen your loved ones need injections in the eye to treat Macular Degeneration?
  • Are you afraid of developing Macular Degeneration yourself?

We have answers! Call us today to learn more!

Vision Source of Farr West has established one of only a few Macular Degeneration clinics in the country. Early detection and early intervention are the key. Starting in fall of 2018 Dr. Whipple and Dr. Choi are opening the Macular Degeneration Center of Excellence at Vision Source of Farr West which is designed to detect, diagnose, treat, and LOWER RISK of developing Macular Degeneration. These services are unique to our area and we are proud to say that we are leaders in using advanced diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

A 3-D scan showing early deposits in the retina is indicative of early Macular Degeneration.

What is Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD)?

Age-related macular degeneration or ARMD is a chronic, progressive disease that causes a part of your retina, called the macula, to slowly deteriorate as you get older. The macula is responsible for your central vision, which allows you to do things like recognize faces, read, watch TV, and drive. As the leading cause of vision loss and blindness in adults, ARMD is more common than glaucoma and dry eye disease combined.

  • ARMD is the leading cause of adult blindness in the United States
  • As many as 11 million people in the U.S. have some form of ARMD; this number is expected to double by 2050.
  • Up to 78% of ARMD patients have substantial, irreversible vision loss at first treatment, including 37% who are legally blind in at least one eye.
  • Currently, there is no cure for ARMD but progression of the disease can be slowed or halted with lifestyle modifications, protective eyewear, and nutritional supplements. Timely diagnosis is therefore key.
  • Wet ARMD (choroidal neovascularization) may be treated with injections, which can slow or halt disease progression and vision loss, but not reverse it. The primary goal in our clinic is to prevent the need for injections due to wet ARMD altogether.

Mild Macular Degeneration – the small white spots near the middle of the eye are deposits called drusen.

What are the symptoms of ARMD?

  • Trouble driving or seeing at night.
  • Distortions in straight lines
  • Blurry central vision

Do I have any risk factors of ARMD?

  • Age 50 or older
  • Family history of ARMD
  • Caucasian (white)
  • Smoker or past smoker
  • Being overweight
  • Heart disease, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol

What can I expect at my initial visit at the Macular Degeneration Center of Excellence at Vision Source of Farr West?

  • Our doctors will work with you to determine your risk of developing ARMD by using genetic, lifestyle, and medical histories.
  • We will test your ability to see under multiple light settings and we utilize an advanced test to check your “dark adaptation” ability which has been shown to be highly indicative of early ARMD. Note: we were one of the first offices in the state to implement this technology.
  • A 3-D map of the macula will be performed which helps us identify potentially problematic areas of the macula.
  • We will develop a comprehensive plan of action to evaluate your risk, modify risk factors and ultimately protect you and your family from vision loss due to macular degeneration.