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Meet our staff

These are the experienced and friendly faces of Vision Source of Farr West.


I enjoy when patients walk out of our office with a smile on their face knowing that they are seeing better than when they came in. I’ve had to wear glasses nearly my whole life so I know how important it is to have good vision. I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to help others see clearly.

I was raised to love and appreciate music so I enjoy playing the piano and learning to play new instruments when I get my hands on them. I’m also an avid sports fan, and while they frequently disappoint me, I’ll always cheer on my Arizona Cardinals. Whatever I end up doing in my spare time, I always love it when my wife is able to join in with me.

Interesting fact. . . I really, really, really love cookie dough.

Side note: Connor is too humble to mention that he has been accepted a position at the Houston College of Optometry for the Fall of 2017 class


Working at Vision Source of Farr West for the past 3 1/2 years has been a new, challenging and rewarding experience. I enjoy meeting people and truly have great satisfaction in helping others. Teaching a patient to wear contact lenses for the first time and having them see better than they ever have is the most rewarding part of my job. Better vision can change a life and I love being a part of that. When not working, I enjoy relaxing with a good book or movie, but I’m happiest spending time with my family and playing with my grand children.


I absolutely love working at Vision Source of Farr West. I think my favorite part is hearing a patients excitement when they try on their new pair of glasses. It brightens my spirits to know that I got to be a part of helping them to see better. I also love learning about all the incredible things that the eye does, how it works, and how we can use that information to create glasses that are totally unique for each individual.

I’m a mother of four fantastic little boys. They are so busy and energetic and constantly keep me on my toes. I love to create things with my own two hands and if I’m not busy working or spending time with my little family, you’ll most likely find me baking sweets in the kitchen or behind a sewing machine with a mess of fabrics strewn about.


I have loved learning at work! There are so many fascinating things about our eyes.

I enjoy working with patients coming in for the first time and reassuring them and calming their fears. At home you will find me with a bag of milk chocolate chips, reading a book, or cheering on my favorite sports team. My favorite Pandora station is Disney and I love playing cards and board games with my family.


I love learning new things every day. I also love being able to help people put in their contacts which allow them to see clearly. I enjoy spending time with my husband, doing anything outside, and redecorating our home, vacationing, and baking. I can eat endless amounts of grilled cheese


I love to see people’s faces light up when they find the perfect glasses, put them on, and see perfectly. I enjoy trying new restaurants with friends. I frequent taco trucks and claim that Swig drinks are pure heaven. I’ve been on over 20 different Safari’s and enjoy building things and vacationing.


Aspen is an absolute joy to have in the office and brightens the room with her cheerful personality and contagious smile. Aspen works as one of our opticians, so if you stop in for a new pair of glasses, she would be one to help make sure we set you up with the best lenses and frames for your needs, and makes sure that you get good coverage from your insurance as well. She also has wonderful taste in eye wear and is always happy to give you a second opinion on frames if you just cant decide on a favorite. Aspen LOVES working in vision care. She loves the diversity of people she gets to meet, and the opportunity to learn new things on a regular basis. She loves dogs, and being actively engaged in fun summer activities.