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Keratoconus and Scleral Contact Lenses

How Can We Help You?

Keratoconus – The white rounded band of light on the left varies in thickness. The thinnest spot in the middle of this band is caused by keratoconus and represents a thinning of the eye.


Keratoconus is our passion!

You’ve reached the right place. Each year we treat hundreds of patients with Keratoconus at Vision Source of Farr West.

Keratoconus is a progressive condition of the cornea (front surface of the eye) which is characterized by irregular thinning and which often distorts vision. Traditional treatment methods such as glasses and standard contact lenses are often insufficient and many patients with keratoconus have difficulty with glare and halos and in general notice distortion and blur in their vision.

Profile of an irregularly shaped cornea

Scleral Lenses

Dr. Whipple and Dr. Choi utilize advanced keratoconus treatments including specialty contact lenses called “scleral contact lenses.” These contacts often provide the sharpest possible vision and are extremely comfortable. They are filled with sterile saline during insertion and this solution stays in contact with the eye throughout the day which keeps the lens from feeling dry or gritty. In keratoconus the irregularly shaped cornea is corrected by the lens and most of our patients experience tremendous benefit in vision and performance while wearing these amazing lenses.

Surgical Options

In rare cases were treatments such as scleral contact lenses aren’t enough Dr. Whipple and Dr. Choi work very closely with corneal surgeons and can initiate and co-manage advanced surgical cases such as corneal cross-linking and INTACS corneal implants, as well as penetrating keratoplasty corneal transplants.


Holly – I used to wear soft contact lenses, and I could see well enough. But my eyes got really irritated and dry all the time. So dry, in fact, that sometimes rubbing my eyes, or even just blinking would cause my lenses to fall out! After a scleral buckle surgery to repair a retinal tear in my right eye, my vision worsened–a natural side effect of the surgery. I had to switch to scleral lenses, as they are the only ones that are made in my crazy-high prescription. And I LOVE them! They are so comfortable, my eyes don’t dry out or become irritated like they did with soft lenses, and I can wear my sclerals all day long with no discomfort. What’s more, my vision is so much better, since my scleral lenses correct my astigmatism far better than soft lenses ever could. I love my scleral lenses. They’re comfortable, my eyes are hydrated, and my vision is better than it’s ever been. I would recommend them to anyone!

David D – Ever since I’ve been wearing these scleral lenses I have enjoyed not having to worry about my lenses popping out when I blink, or getting dust under my old hard lenses every time the wind would blow and not having them touching the cornea and scratching them. These new lens are very comfortable. I’m very blessed that they are available to wear and I enjoy better vision with them. I would highly recommend them.

Dave – My name is Dave I am a patient of Dr. Whipple’s. About four years ago I was diagnosed with post-LASIK Ectasia; which in layman’s terms means I have irregularities on my cornea. My vision had deteriorated significantly. I was told by (my previous doctor) that my best option to correct my vision would be hard contact lenses. So. . . he fitted me for regular hard contacts. This was a total disaster for this condition. The hard contacts would move all around on my eye, my vision was only slightly improved due to the contacts not staying in place. It was extremely disappointing and uncomfortable. My Daughter was a patient of Dr. Whipple, she told him about my problem. He said he was very interested in my condition asked her to have me come in. Dr. Whipple introduced me to scleral contact lenses and changed the rest of my life. I could see again. These lenses were fantastic, my vision was corrected to 20/20 and they are the most comfortable lenses I have ever worn. I can’t even feel them when I have them in. I have been wearing these now for about 3 years and have had no problems. I am very thankful that I was referred to Dr. Whipple. He is very dedicated to making sure you have the best vision possible.

Heidi – My scleral lens changed my life, I had no idea what vision I was missing out on until I received my first scleral lens. I put the lens in and the entire world looked different, brighter, more vibrant. The lens has changed everything from the ability to see color, to reading a text message on my phone. After wearing my scleral lens for the day and I remove it for the night, it is an instant reminder of how much vision I am afforded with the use of a scleral lens. The lens is inserted and removed easily and provides so much. I recommend the scleral lens.